Not a significant source of protein??

  1. Not a significant source of protein??

    Pork skins- I was looking at a bag of these nasty yet tasty Bag-O-Fat and noticed that there were 8 grams of protein per serving but contained "not a sig. source of protein" statement. Is the protein found in pork yummies just not digestible/useable by the body?

  2. all protein is useable by the body. i know pork is missing some amino acids, so as a constant protein source its not recommended. you sure it didn't say .8g of protein?

  3. ... Dunno, didn't get the bag but it is possible. I did do a quick search on nutritional information and found similar items that had between 8 and 16 grams of protein per product.

  4. that's really weird. how can more than 5g not be a significant source? i'm lost....

  5. they probably mean the ratio of fat vs. protein.

  6. eliphino

  7. Ummm - how many servings in that bag o' yours?
    (and yeah, how many fat grams?)

    That said: if you're taking 150g pro daily then no - 8g is not a significant source: if you ate 10 servings, you'd still be 2 cans o' tuna down from your daily intake.

  8. I don't see how it isn't a significant source! Could be the fat-protein ratio. Especially when 30-35 grams is 70% of your RDA.


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