Suggestions for and all around protein blend

  1. Suggestions for and all around protein blend

    I'm looking for a good tasting protein blend. Not just whey, but something along the lines of Syntha-6, with less carbs and calories.

    Thinking about running a velocity diet log and need advice on the protein shakes. I have ALOT of ATW protein, but only whey blend. Would whey blend be okay to use? I figure a sustained release would keep more muscle than whey.

    I'm posting for advice here so anything you've got can help!

  2. All the Whey's "Lean & Fit" is pretty popular for the V-Diet. It is only whey,not a blend, but it has 5 grams of fiber, some vitamins and other good stuff.

    I would go to True Protein and make your own blend of Whey/Casein/Egg and whatever else you want and you can choose your own flavor and weight, etc. Very good for the V-Diet.

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