1. Critique

    Heres what I cut to before my cycle -

    I lost a ****load of muscle. Using DP's Diet

    Heres how I am last week of cycle -

    Im gonna go for the traditional -500s from maintenance.

    300g/1200/40% Carbohydrates
    300g/1200/40% Protein
    67g/600/20% Fats

    Lifting days - 30 minutes incline walk AM - Lift PM
    Off days 45 minutes of High/Low/Mid intensity PM
    Im going to increase my rep count from 6 to 8
    EC Stack Alternating with another Fat loss Supplement
    Keep Low GI as much as possible

    What ya'll think?

  2. i figure you look about 16-19% bf. not ENTIRELY sure but im pretty sure. give more detail. whats your goal? how long is this cut?

  3. u used palumbos diet?

    you shouldnt of lost much muscle if any at all while doing it correctly.

  4. yeah, it was ****ed up.

  5. Palumbo works with a lot of assisted athletes (or use to, or I am just speculating). IMO your better off using a diet that involves the carb up (UD 2.0, AD, etc).
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  6. Well, im not close enough to the BF% for UD 2.0. Im gonna take this approach above for about a month.

    My goal is to be a ripped ENDOMORPH. LOL Dreams, dont we all have them.

  7. Paleo Diet minus the fruit FTMFW.

    Plus, healthiest you're gonna get.

  8. The version of his diet I had was EVOO w/ protein source 6 times a day. I never knew **** about fruit.


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