Down Economy= Less money for food

  1. Down Economy= Less money for food

    I have read some threads about the cost of food. I found a wonderful place about 6 months ago ALDI. Its a discount grocery store with very little overhead, they carry 300 or so food items mainly staples instead of a groceries 20k plus. Its dirt cheap compared to the regular store. Mostly made up of store brands but the quality is awesome. I can buy whole chicken for .79 a lb, natty PB for 1.49 a jar. Eggs are 1.19 a dozen, 85-15 ground turkey in a frozen roll is 1.19 a lb! They sell frozen chicken breast, veggies, every staple you need bascally and grossly undersell walmart. Milk is .75 to a buck cheaper than walmart. I would def check out an ALDI store if you have one in your town. I have saved at least 30% on my grocery bill by shopping there almost exclusivley.

  2. I love their whole grain chips!

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