Football Player.. Nutrition Help!

  1. Football Player.. Nutrition Help!

    Football player here, bulking uptrying to get better. On my college break IM trying to learn the most i can about nutriton cuz i see so many of my teammats selling themselves short with their ****ty diets. I want to learn as much as i can about nutrition and specicifally bulking.

    So if any of you guys got links to the best articles/ threads I would really appreciate it if you could put the best nutrition articles you have bookmarked or threads also. Just trying to learn some more to make myself a better player cuz honestly the training is spot on for me and only can make myself better through nutirion.. which many college football players overlook. Too many guys just like teens on here saying what r u taking?? How about u stop eating 5 pieces of pizza and fries with soda on a Friday night before a game.

    Thanks for any great bulking/ nutrition articles/threads

  2. Google.

  3. Check out Alan Aragon.

    Guy knows a crap-ton about nutrition.. He's great! There are others that are good, but Aragon is the top that I'd recommend.

    Alan's Website

    I recommend buying his book, especially for someone who is trying to get the basics and then jump into some more detail as far as nutrition is concerned. It's a wise investment, no doubt!

    Also, here are several pages of general nutrition questions that he answers: AragonAnswers.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TexasTitan View Post
    Wow hey thanks for your great advice. Really insightful...really....good stuff.

    Anyway, the site that Ozarka posted is really good, take a good look through it.

    I used to go on ebay or Amazon and order old sports nutrition textbooks. You can get some for really cheap and they are packed with a lot of good information. Just try to get the more recent ones.... so much is always changing that a 1980's book can have a lot of outdated information.

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