The Velocity Diet: Macronutrient Breakdown

  1. The Velocity Diet: Macronutrient Breakdown

    I weight 185, and according to T-Nation's revised Velocity Diet, my daily caloric intake should be hovering around 1400. However, due to the author's vagueness throughout the article (didn't tell of his bodyweight, his goals for daily grams of fat, carbs, least not that I saw), I'm not sure how many grams of fat/carbs I should be getting. I can estimate with 1 carb/1 gram of protein equating to 4 calories and 1 gram of fat coming out to nine, and with 200 grams of protein daily would leave my breakdown with 75 grams of carbs and 34 grams of fat. Is this correct?

  2. up caloric intake to 1800 then do your splits to 60/20/20:

    270g protein
    90g carb
    40g fat.

    1400 is just TOO low in my opinion for your weight and height.

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