All right. I'm wanting to restructure my eating into precise foods in precise amounts.
My stats are 190#, 6'3'', ~12.5% BF and I've been lifting since late August, but took a lot of December off for school.
I would like your feedback on the following plan:

7 meals, carbs only at breakfast and PWO. Carbs come from wheat germ, berries, and (PWO) dextrose.


6 AM Cardio
6:30 Workout
8:30 AM Breakfast/PPWO (80g carbs, 50g protein, 12g fat)
Meal 2:61/21/20 PFC
Meal 3:60/15/10
Meal 4: 65/15/1
Meal 5 (PWO): 63/3/91
Meal 6 (Pre-Bed): 56/14/0

Total: 3K calories, 50/25/25 ratio.

So my questions are:
1. Is this too much protein? Is there such a thing?

2. Are these enough calories? 2500 is maintenance, not counting workouts.

3. Is this too much fat or too much carbs?