What to do when out of commission for a week or more?

  1. What to do when out of commission for a week or more?

    I recently started bulking again, just finished my first month, and up 9 pounds and feeling great... fat of course too, but nonetheless.

    Anyway, this friday morning I have a minor surgery, and am probably going to be unable to get to the gym through the next week or two. Has anyone been through something similar? What can anyone recommend I do regarding my diet in my off time so that I keep as much of this hard earned muscle as possible, and keeping off fat? I'm 6'1"(measured today) and 183lbs. Any supplements I should take? Or stop taking? Currently I take creatine, and arginine, along with my normal BCAAs, whey, casein, multi, green tea, fish oil and fiber.

  2. Bump? Had the surgery, might need a month to six weeks off like the doctor says..

  3. Unfortunately I can't think of anything aside from keeping your diet high in calories..
    To remain "anabolic", or growing, you NEED a calorie surplus over your required maintanence bodyweight calorie intake..
    Without working out you will probably lose some muscle, but with a high enough diet you should be able to keep the weight the same, or if your diet is high enough you should still gain weight. Of course most weight gain will/should be fat.. it really shouldn't matter as long as you begin working out when your able.
    Good luck on your recovery.
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