Breakfast Window

  1. Breakfast Window

    how much time do you have to get your nutrients in ya from the time you wake up? should it be right away, or can it wait a half hour or 20 mins. i like to **** shower shave first, or should i get them eggs in me before i hit the john? opinions?

  2. Not going to be a big deal, whatsoever. I always shoot for a meal within an hour of waking. Nutrient timing is important, I won't deny that, but 20 minutes is not going to hinder your progress. Do your thing, and then eat.

    Sometimes I think the whole "catabolism" thing is blown out of proportion. That's not directed at you, not by any means I want to add. Just IMO.

  3. If you think about it the longer you wait to eat the longer your body is going without nutrients. So If you feel like you need that food right away then eat. I usually wait about an hour just because I have to wake up before I eat.

  4. I used to do wake-up, take something like AP/PSlin, then breakfast 15 mins later. Now I've pushed it back to 30 mins to let Gut-Health and the thermogenics get absorbed, but sooner is better. But you just slept/fasted for 8 hours, 30 minutes isn't the end of the world

  5. I wake up, **** shave, and then go do cardio/aerobics, then eat/shower. I don't lift until my lunch break or right after work.

  6. First thing I do is down a glass of water since I'm usually very thirsty. Making breakfast is usually a 20-30 minute thing since I like to take my time and by then I'm hungry.

  7. Gotta get that H2O

  8. Down a whey isolate or hydrolyzed shake to stop catabolism. Then do your thing and eat breakfast. You only need like 20grams first chance you get.
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