1. Vitimins

    Just started taking Juice Plus.. It is a hemopathetic vitimin type thing. The product states you body benefits and absorbs them better being there are made from whole food souces vs. commercial made vitimins which are synthetically made and your body dosent absorb most of them. What do you think? not sure how true it all is but sounded good so I gave it a shot

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  2. did you buy the 4 month supply for $166?

    I don't care how well it's absorbed, i don't think i could justify the price of those things. Looks like another marketing gimmick.

  3. You can get similar products from health food stores at 1/4 of the price, just saying...
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  4. Two words for ya


  5. Quote Originally Posted by ffmedic32 View Post
    Two words for ya

    The things are awesome, but really need to be enteric coated if at all possible. I can't stand the taste of the burps I get from those things.


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