Lately I have been slacking pretty hard, always procrastinating. You know this is the week I'm gonna start dieting, week comes and I go ok ok next week I'm gonna start and so forth. Summer was quite the pain because I was always busy but now that its getting colder, the only thing I can do is go to the gym. I started back up, bought some supps and saw some great strength increases from getting back on it.
The problem that is lacking is my diet. It is generally pretty decent but I'm not sure on some things because I have never been 100% committed to my diet. Enough talking, I'm gonna get to the point

5'9-10", 165lbs, 10-12%bf (you can see abs but its like a 4-pack)

Breakfast - 2 Cups Skim Milk
2 pieces of Whole Wheat bread with Jam
2 packs plain Oatmeal

Snack 1 - Shake and Granola Bar

Lunch - 2 cups Brown Rice
3.5oz Chicken Breast

Snack 2 - Shake and Granola Bar

Pre-workout Meal - 1 Cup Brown Rice
2 Lean Beef Patties
1 Cup Mixed Veggies

Post-workout - Shake with Dextrose and Banana

Final Meal - 5 whole eggs, 1/4 Almonds

No pop, just fruit juices from concentrate and Milk.
I have yet to count up all the calories but I'm gonna guess somewhere around 3000, give or take.

I know there is a lot of diet critiques but I'd appreciate the help.