Questions about chicken

  1. Questions about chicken

    just wondering how long is it safe to keep cooked chicken (say fried breast pieces) either in the fridge and once its out of the fridge.
    I need to start eating more and was wondering how much chicken i could fry up in advance.

  2. i don't normally keep it longer than 2 days. gets quite dry! I'll give it to my cat after 2 days :donut:
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  3. I typically cook about a weeks worth sunday night then put a days worth in baggies and freeze them. I take out a bag the night before and throw it in the fridge to defrost. It still dries out a bit but it is easier then cooking every day

  4. good idea shortblock, thanks.

  5. Raw meat, after being brought home from the store in the refrigerator will last a few days before spoiling. In the freezer meat could be kept up to a year frozen solid. While you could theoretically keep it forever, freezer burn will degrade the quality of the meat.

    Cooked meat should not be kept out at a range of 40-140 degrees for more than a few hours. Bacteria will start to grow in this range. In the fridge well sealed, a few days.

    If you plan to keep raw meat in the fridge for a few days pre marinate the meat, using salt will ward off some bacteria depending on the amount.

    When thawing meat, in a filled sink with cold running water.

  6. Being a student, I will eat it even if it's been in the fridge a week unless it smells terrible. The longer you wait the more chance bacteria have grown; but I know I cooked it well initially and so it's OK for up to a week but within a few days is ideal. Freezing is a great solution!


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