macros in ground beef

  1. macros in ground beef

    I need to know what the macros are for 80% lean ground beef "crumbles". On every site I look at (like etc) it says that 1oz has 8g protein and 5g of fat. So 8oz of ground beef would have 64g protein and 40g of fat. BUT over on there is a screen name "hola bola" that made an anabolic diet log and his log says that 8oz of 80% lean only has 51g of protein. And this was WITH two slices of cheese.
    Are the sites I'm looking at wrong, or was he wrong when he did his?

  2. Ok, what I wrote wasn't exactly correct. It depends, he can be in the ball park area of his intake. He might have gotten his count from a site that has it a few grams of protein lower and he might be eating cheese that isn't exactly high in protein.

    If he got the info from a site that has the protein at about 5-6 grams per a pound with a higher number in fat, he might have a different result.

  3. 4oz of beef is roughly 20g protein. fat % depending on leaness.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by russy_russ View Post
    4oz of beef is roughly 20g protein. fat % depending on leaness.
    where have you seen this if you dont mind me asking

  5. ok i just noticed on the same sites i've been looking at, under ground beef "raw" the macros are 6g fat and 5g protein per ounce. Maybe this is how he was figuring his... which i guess leads me to my next question. I've heard that cooking your eggs will give more protein than raw, I'm guessing it is the same for ground beef?

  6. More bioavailable than raw. Same with vegetables that are cooked and cellulouse bounds being broken down.


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