Muscle hardness?? Just add more protein?

  1. Muscle hardness?? Just add more protein?

    I understand that Body Building is not an exact science. It would seem that every few days science is revealing new truths and debunking old ones.

    In "Johmn Parrillo's 50 Workout Secrets" printed in 1994, he states that,

    "Large, well-shaped muscles mean little without a quality called 'muscular hardness'- a tight, rock-solid firmness that can't be obtained by training but through proper nutrition..."

    Is muscular hardness more a matter of BF% or is there scientific proof to the quote above?

    I am mostly satisfied with my size, and plan on doing a cutting cycle shortly, however my muscles are all squishy. Any and all answers are greatly appreciated.

  2. body fat and water under the skin affect muscle hardness

  3. Protein doesn't directly get stored as muscle.

    Muscle hardness comes down to bodyfat levels/water balance and to an extent muscle gylcogen

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