Cutting, no carbs?

  1. Cutting, no carbs?

    Alright, i've been bulking and now i think i'm through. I started at 140lbs and now i weigh 155. (I'm 5'7) Yeah, i know i'm not very big, but i feel like the more weight gain i'm putting on now is fat gain and that's enough for me. I can see a little in my face and that's where i draw the line, lol. I have definitely gotten stronger and bigger, but most came from my legs and chest. (not really anything in my arms, which is what i wanted) That's ok though...

    Now, i want to cut and show my muscles more and get to a low b/f. Eating all this food is starting to get really expensive, so i would rather cut anyway, lol. I already eat good, but i consume a lot of carbs throughtout the day. In the morning i always have 1 cup of oatmeal, with one cup of milk, tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, 1 cup of cereal, with 1 cup of milk. (I use lowfat milk, 110 calories) So, that alone is a pretty hefty amount of carbs. Since i'm cutting now, should i change this breakfast? I'm eating about 2900 calories a day and gaining weight from this...I gain weight easy...So, i was thinking about dropping down to 2000 calories a day on non workout days and 2200 on workout days. If i do this, should i limit the carbs and increase good fats and a lot of protein? I already eat plenty of protein, because i buy those powders and i eat 1 pure protein bar a day...

    Honestly, i just want to cut up, but not lose muscle. I know i could simply cut and lose weight quickly by running 4 days a week, lifting 3 days a week and eating 2000 calories a day...I would lose weight very fast, but would i lose muscle and not be gaining in the gym? I want to continue and workout hard and maybe increase muscle size a bit (if possible) but i don't want to eat over maintenance anymore. I would rather have the shredded look...

    I currently workout 3 days week, no cardio. Now, i will continue to workout 3 days a week and add cardio. (2000 calories a day)

    Should i not drink milk?

  2. Do a search for Keto Diet on here, that should have all the info you want

    Milk is bad for low-no carbers because of the...carbs, lol ^_^

    Doing a mix of cardio/lifting is going to help with the cut ofcourse, but diet is a MASSIVE part of it. If you have 2900 now, 2400 is maintenance I'm guessing. So, you will want to have 1900 on off days, and workout days prolly about 2200 or so like you said.

  3. You can certainly do a cut with carbs in it just depends how sensitive you are. If you know you are gonna get depressed on low carbs you might as well start off on a keto.

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