help planning my diet

  1. help planning my diet

    ok so i want to start trying to get my diet a bit more on track. its not too bad but want to really rip up for january. i work out 3 times a week monwedfri, and do a bit of cardio when i can. have been reading about the ud 2.0 and CKD sort of things and i want to do something like that.
    i went carb free for 5 weeks when i was young and it was the first time i saw my abs. but ive worked hard making muscle and dont want to lose as much of it this time. i just want heaps of advice from you guys on how to modify this to the best i can, i plan to start it strictly in 2 weeks.

    so mon-fri i want to eat low carbs and then do a carb up on the weekend. prob starting fri night-sunday mornign

    i think my maintainance calories are about 2800 i'm 80kg, does that sound about right?

    mon-fri i was thinking this

    60gm carbs/250gm protein/ ??? fat

    which is about if im correct

    240 cal/ 1000/cal

    don't know how much fat to eat because i don't know if my caloric calculations are right, and I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH CALORIES TO CUT.

    i really wana play with this now to work out the best way

    max input wood be amazing

  2. I would move your calories around something like.

    30-35 percent protein -- 840 to 980 calories -- 210 to 245 grams
    65-70 percent fat --1820 to 1960 calories -- ~202 to ~217 grams
    20-30 carbs a day

    That would be to maintain weight for you. What you would do is start up a week like this, see how you feel, how your body reacts. That weekend lower it by 300-500 a day from fat. I would suggest not carbing up until the second week.

  3. ok so eat at maintainace for the first while but down the carbs.. i can do that. just need to watch my sugars. and yeah i was guna do 8-10 days no carb before my first carb up

  4. What is your diet like?

  5. breakfast - oatmeal and low fat milk 1 slice wholemeal break half avacado

    meal 2 - 2 eggs whole boiled

    lunch - ham, letuce, tomato, low fat cheese salad and ranch dressing

    meal 4 - protein shake

    dinner - roast chicken, or steak sometimes fish, and brocoli

  6. Here is a link to some good info.

    Fuel Talk Pt 1...Though I'd Share This
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