Ok so i'm about to end my 12 week cutting phase (finally), hate carb restriction. So I went down from 178-153 lbs, I'm male 5'10", and around 8-9%bf.

What I'm planning to do. Increase cals by 200/week till I get to maintenance. Then stay there 2-3 weeks to see how my body responds, then begin to increase to my BMR*1.5 (train 4-5 times a week) plus a 30% cal surplus. This will give me around 3200-3400 cals/day. Been thinking of a 45%-40%15% Carb.Prot.Fat ratio for lean mass gaining (what do you think?) for 4 days and then go back to maintenance for 1 day so my body gets some rest (same ratio, maybe 40-40-20). Also on non-training days 40-40-20 and at much lesser calorie intake.

My training will be
Day 1 Chest-Biceps-Abs
Day 2 Back-Triceps-Forearms
Day 3 Legs-Shoulders
Day 4 Rest (cardio)
Day 5- Chest-Tricpes-Abs
Day 6 Back-Shoulders
DAy 7 Legs-Triceps
Day 8 Rest (cardio)
Day 9 and on keep on changing so my body doesn't get accostumed.

The weight lifting will be low rep count (6-8) high poundage to increase muscle fiber damage.

Plan to take:
-Protein, Creatine (suggestions?), Glutamine, BCAA.

100% natural (still 22yrs old), and still know I can grow naturally or at least want to max out before I even think of any other stuff.

Any supps you would reccomend (natural, no PH or AS derived) that would help to gain 10-12 lbs of lean body mass?

Please critique. If anyone wants to view my photos PM and i'll email them since I can't finde where to attach them here.