How to measure food

  1. How to measure food

    Is there a special type of scale or instrument that I can use to measure and tell me how many calories, carbs etc, I am consuming when I put a meal together. I have been kind of winging it, by using non or low fat stuff like milk cheese. I only eat egg whites, and chicken that is skinless. I do all my cooking, no salt, no oil or if I do, use olive or pam. I would really like to start keeping accurate track of my intake.

  2. You could try checking the diet tracker here on the site.

  3. go to bed bath and beyond or linens and things or buy online this scale

    if you keep your eyes out in your mail, there is usually a 20% off a single item or $5 off coupon from them once a month. Its sensitive to 1g but has a max capability of 7lbs. so you can put a plate or bowl on it, zero it out and measure accurately

  4. Wow didn't know bed bath and beyond was a real store lol.

  5. Just get a food scale and then use the food's label as a reference for content.

  6. just a funny thing to share with the scale, it seems I underestimated the weight of meats I was taking, overestimated the weights of veggies, and was freakin dead on with pb. I mean seriously, I can flop out 40g of pb with a butterknife consistently. bizarre

  7. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    and was freakin dead on with pb. I mean seriously, I can flop out 40g of pb with a butterknife consistently. bizarre
    This is one of the few forums where that is an impressive skill.

    Main problem with a scale is that the caloric value of carbs, fat, and protein is different.
    protein 4 cals per gram
    carbs 4 cals per gram
    fat 9 cals per gram
    water 0 calories

    so for a food to estimate the calories, it would haev to know the exact breakdown of protein/carbs/fat to calculate that versus weight.

    I mention water bc i once weighed my lunch to be amazed that it weighed over 1 lb... then i realized i had a large plate of rice (carries a lot of water weight).

    As mentioned, the best route is cross reference the Nutrition Facts on the label versus the weight of the food on your plate.


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