PWO Nutrition for FASTED Morning Trainers

  1. PWO Nutrition for FASTED Morning Trainers

    There's plenty of threads on Post Workout nutrition but i want to get specific to those that train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.Tell me yours.

    Also what i thought might be an idea would be to include;

    :Body Type
    :Goals (Bulking, Cutting, Maintaining)
    :Training (Weights, Cardio, Weights and Cardio etc.)

    as these have a major impact on certain nutrients required at this crucial time.


  2. Age 26
    ****ty genetics, get fat easily, gain muscle slowly
    weights and cardio

    after fasted cardio I like to have half a banana or half an apple. The only time i think fructose is really needed. It hits the liver quickly and that is one way to signal the stop of catabolism. I also have a scoop of bcaa, which is about 5 grams of the 3 aminos.

    then about 30 minutes later i have a real meal. standard 30 grams protein 40 grams carbs (low GI), 8 grams fat.

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