Neck pain - Help?

  1. Neck pain - Help?

    Hey everyone.

    I'm just posting this here because I'm running out of ideas. I've been feeling some really annoying neck pain lately, REALLY tight and sore "muscles" (or whatever they are) that kinda shoots from my traps all the way to my neck / back of the head.

    Before anything, I've seen a doctor, she prescribed me a few muscle relaxants, told me to see a psichoterapist. All done and no real results.

    I'm a college student so I do have to be typing and looking at my computer a lot, sitting at classes, etc. But nothing more than that as far as "posture" goes. Pretty much like any other college student. As far as workout goes I quit everything that would remotely target this areas, even sit ups, about 2 months ago.

    Yet I feel extreme tightness on my neck. To the point where it's almost hurting all day and I'm trying to move it around to relief pain a little. I try to stretch every day, no real improve.

    Any sugestions that may help with this will be more than appreciated. Supplements, exercises, anything really really welcome, because the doctors didn't help me AT ALL.

    Thanks all.

  2. heat therapy maybe? hot tubs work wonders.

    any foot pain
    unusual weight gain
    whiplash (fender bender)
    anything like that happening?

  3. I've been using heat pads to help a little, but don't really have access to a hot tub.

    Aside from my neck nothing else wrong in my body, it's all doing great, it's just the neck, the only area of pain.

  4. i'd guess its a posture issue then. in addition to stretching and heat therapy, you might just want to stand up every hour and just walk around for a minute to make sure your muscles haven't tensed up. i really don't know what else to say. wish i could help more.

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