Purple Yam or Sweet Potato (good or bad?)

  1. Purple Yam or Sweet Potato (good or bad?)

    I believe these are called Ube. Maybe it's a sweet potato, maybe a yam, but either way it tastes like the yellow fleshed root but it's purple.

    I've read that it is glycemically the same as yams and sweet potatoes, and the purple color comes from the same stuff that makes blueberries that color. if so, this seems like a great food as yams and sweet potatoes are low glycemic, high in potassium and other beneficial vitamins / minerals, and this one has the blueberry color stuff!

    btw, you can get these for really cheap at asian markets.


  2. Definitely good by the sounds of it. Colour is indicative of antioxidants and other good stuffs.

  3. From my understanding sweet potatoes are good for you. They do have a lot of carbs, but they are full of nutrients and they have fiber. They are much better than regular potatoes, that is for sure.

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