upcoming dbol/test/ winny cycle diet review

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    upcoming dbol/test/ winny cycle diet review

    ok guys i have my diet planed out i am about 6'0 tall 195lbs and 10-11% bodyfat.. This is my first test cycle and using illegal steroids normally i will do PH's

    My cycle is

    week 1-5 d-bol 40-50
    week 1-10 Test Entharate 500mg aweek
    week 7-12 winstrol 50-100mg a week

    Diet will be 320-400 grams of protein, 250-300 grams of complex carbs and about 50-75 grams of good fats (pB).. Would this help with the D-bol bloat to give me some qualtiy gains by not over indulcing on the carbs and having mostly protein.. thanks

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    here is the breeak down

    Breakfast 80g protein Eggs whey shake 50gram carbs whole wheat bagel

    2-3 hours later. 40 grams protein Tuna turkey 20grams carbs whole wheat bread ....carb countdown milk

    Pre workout 50 grams protein. Whey, Chicken.. 60 grams carbs whole wheat pasta

    Post workout shake.. 60grams whey, 100 grams carbs 50/50split simple/ complex

    1 hr later.. 50 grams protein Chicken/turkeyburgers 40 grams carbs brown rice..

    2.5-3 hours later 30 grams protein chicken/turkey , 2 cups of broccoli

    2 hours later 6 egg whites, turkey 30-40 grams protein

    before bed 30 grams protein cottage cheese/ PB

  3. I'm guessing your goals for this cycle is to bulk.If so then save the Winny for a later cycle.I've done this same cycle before and to be honest I really didn't bloat that bad.

  4. If you get tired of eating just plain cottage cheese then try this.1 cup of cottage cheese,1 cup of calorie countdown milk,and two teaspoons of PB all blended up.
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    i know that winstrol ins't a bulking compound but i want to include it in the end becuase it will harden up my gains to a degree.. I will still eat my cals and enjoy a nice hardening effect.. also it is much easier to come off of winstrol with a nice strong pct then just test..

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    overall the diet looks good though right? im tryin to put on alot of lean mass im hoping to get a good quality 12-15 pounds of Muscle .. i KNow ill probably gain 25 pounds but about 10-12 pounds of that is water weight/fat..

  7. i wouldn't run the whinny at week seven thats when you are going to be making the most gains, the last 2 weeks should be enough if you diet is ok.
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    yea true then maybe weeks 9-12 ill do im not going to diet any different on winny so it shouldn't affect my gains...


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