Gatorade--------------------------Fruit Juices----------------Water

  1. Talking Gatorade--------------------------Fruit Juices----------------Water

    Just Finished My Week 1 Of My First Cycle

    Should I Be Drinking Water Only????

    Or Is It O.k. To Drink Gatorade

    And Apple Or Orange Juice???



  2. Need some more info bud.
    First cycle of?
    Maybe add in current diet?

    Honestly I would say that Gatorade is a poor choice anytime. It is Sugar water with salt added in. Straight sugar!

    Fruit juice can be ok but keep in mind some of the popular drinks have very little natural juice and replace it all with large amount of Sugar!
    Things like grape fruint juice and natural orange juice are decent sources for drinks with fewer downsides. Just pay attention to the labels and what is in it!

    Water ahhh water the good pure fail safe! You really can't go wrong here! I personally drink between 1.5-2gal. a day!
    Nothing like it to keep your system clean and everything running smoothly.

  3. F**king idiot, even the most newbie f**king bodybuilder knows this kind of sh*t...AND you're on a cycle?

  4. drink drano its better it would take care of your stupidity and liberate your soul from its crappy existance

  5. hahaha hostility much there O

    Stay away from gatorde and that crap. it's all sugar and no it does not replenish "electrolytes" There is such a small amount of sodium and potassium in it. Juice is alright now and then, but stick with the real stuff. Your hydration should come mostly from good old fashion H20. Bobby Buche was right. You could also try things like Posiedon if you like. And if you absolutely must drink something other than water because you just can't stand another sip of it then you can do like I do and water it down. I sometimes do that to some soda or something just for the taste, sometimes.
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  6. I like crystal light packets.



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