Gynocomastia through Nolvadex....or any other way.

  1. Gynocomastia through Nolvadex....or any other way.

    Hi, I've had Gyno since I was younger, it never went away, I've been in extremely good shape, with low body fat, my entire life, its just hereditary. I was curious, what kind of drugs would fix/cure/reverse the condition. I've read a lot about nolvadex, and letrozole, and they seem to be effective, if used together, as well as separately, I need to know what mg I would need, of either one or both, and a good routine to take it under. Any answers would be helpful, thank you.

  2. You could find quite a bit of info in the PCT section. I'd start with nolva at a low dose and then evaluate and elevate dose if necessary. Letro also helps.

  3. go into the post cycle therapy spot, also id look into Arimidex at 1mg per day and slowly taper down after gyno goes away, then switch to a steroidal AI (aromasin,6bromo or 6 oxo would be good even low dose ATD)

  4. Gyno surgery. Ask your government if they cover/semi-cover it. My friend got free Lasik just because he asked. (I live in Canada.)

  5. The US doesn't do that. It's why we have awesome jets and chili cheese coneys.

  6. Well we have some of your awesome jets too, probably downgraded sneakily by US engineers haha


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