Cals, protein, carbs, fat amounts..! Help needed.

  1. Cals, protein, carbs, fat amounts..! Help needed.

    Im currently at 176 pds. Im looking to be at 185 same BF%, just adding lean muscle. Can anyone help me out with around how many calories, carbs, protein, and fats i need to be in-taking? and if I were to go on a clean bulk diet, how would those numbers change? Thanks guys!

  2. What is the logic behind 500 cals over maintenance leads to 1 pound per week? Sure, 500 cals below maintenance should be 1 pound fat loss per week but that is because 1 pound of fat is roughly 3500 cals. Seeing as he isn't looking to put on 1lb of fat I don't think that number applies.

    To the OP. You need to figure these things out for yourself. Everybody's body is different and no one will be able to give you specific numbers. Try different macronutrient ratios and see what works for you. Start out at 40/40/20 and go from there.

  3. You can gain weight on any excess of calories - my personal preference is to find my maintenance (I take BWx15 and adjust for a couple of weeks until my weight is neither gaining nor losing) and then go from there, increasing in 200 calorie intervals. When I stop gaining, I add another 200cals. But that's me, you might need a 500cal surplus, or even more to gain weight.

    As for macronutrients, start with 1g of prot per lb of BW, and I would recommend evenly splitting your remaining calories between fat and carbs.
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  4. thanks guys, gonna start jotting down my intake.. and see how its lays out and let you guys know. I also need to get my BF% taken never had it before, but it ought to be kinda low.. Thanks again keep the good info coming PLEASE

  5. also what else should I be consuming?

    im on cretin, no-explode, multi vitamins, gonna get back on BCAA's, 1gallon of water per day... What else should I be doing?

    Thanks again

  6. My recommendation is fish oil, 6-10g per day, or up to 20 if you have joint soreness.

    Drop the NOxplode; it's overrated, overpriced and under-effective (not that that is a real word)

    instead of a low quality pre-workout mix, I'd say go for something to consume while you workout and immediately after working out. These are call peri-workout and post-workout nutrition and they make a world of difference in strength and size gains and recovery.

    You can make your own shakes for both with BCAAs, maltodextrin, WMS or Dextrose and creatine. For the Post-workout, toss some Whey Isolate in there as well.

    If you would rather just have it all set and ready to go and not have to mix a bunch of powders on your own, go with Intra-aid or Intrabolic for peri-wo, and golden finish or Core PWO for post-wo.

    If you decide you still need a pre-workout booster, pick up JP8, White Flood, shock therapy or Assault.

    Just stay away from BSN for the most part, or Muscletech entirely.
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  7. what exactly are maltodextrin, WMS or Dextrose. and what do they do?
    Should the BCAA's go in both shakes?
    Im on Cell-Mass is their a better recommended cretin out there?
    thanks again

  8. They're high glycemic carbs, just google "post-workout carbs".

    BCAAs are good pretty much all the time, but pre, during and post-workout is standard protocol.

    Yes, just plain Creatine Monohydrate is better than cell-mass, IMO. Way freaking cheaper too. If you wanna specialty creatine, I like Neovar, though Cre-O2 just came out and looks good too.

    Do some research; it's your body, you should make the decision on what you ingest ultimately, not me.
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