best addition in the world (shakes)

  1. best addition in the world (shakes)

    as many of you know i am a manager at Randalls....well some lady bought this drinkable yogurt and i was like wow....that would be perfect in a protein shake.
    so i bought a pint of it (strawberry flavor)

    1c drinkable lowfat yogurt
    1/2c milk 2%
    1/2 banana
    1/4c oatmeal
    2tbs natty PB
    1 serving strawberry protein

    anyways just thought i would share my new find

    keep liftin AM!

  2. I can't wait to get home and try some of these things you guys come up with! That sounds great haha!

  3. do u remeber name of yogurt?

  4. hmm shakes! Imma have one before bed tonight it think. I'll post what i put in it
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by mmzawa View Post
    do u remeber name of yogurt?
    brand: Glen Oaks
    flavor: Strawberry
    Drinkable Low-Fat Yogurt

    it was like $3 for a pint

    *had another one with breakfast =D

    time for work

  6. Wow, it has a lot of added sugar. You could probably find a kefir that doesn't have so much sugar added if you are worried about the sugar content.

    Another idea is to get some plain yogurt and blend it up with your favorite fruit and add some stevia to it for extra sweetness- It tastes really good and it would be much healthier.

  7. i believe Kroeger greek yogurt is very low in carbs and high in proetin....................... ..

  8. i cant put on weight or lose weight for that matter so i'm not really worried about the sugar content as much as i wanted a great flavor shake with high protein and carbs. i keep going up in my maxes but cant change weight so.....i eat what i want (but my macros stay near 50/40/10)

    *oh and i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled this morning so no gym for 2-3 days.....curious to see if i don't put on any fat while im in bed for 3 days.....i doubt it haha


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