How Much Salt Do You Eat Per Day?

  1. How Much Salt Do You Eat Per Day?

    Does anybody pay attention to their salt intake? I actually started looking at mine in the diet tracking software I use and realized I was consuming more than I thought...I've brought it down and found that I feel and look much better...So how much do you guys take in?

  2. It can be scary when you start tracking sodium. I eat mostly whole foods and have it down to about 0.5mg/cal so about 1250mg on a 2500 kcal diet.

  3. That's about where I'm at now too...Sometimes I'll be in a hurry and I'll need to eat things like, Aidell's sausages or the Tyson Chicken Breast Strips...damn I'll have like 3 or 4 grams of sodium on those days...

  4. i aim for about 8 grams a day. i dont buy into that "salt is bad for you" bs. my performance is MUCH better when my sodium intake is that high.

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