Vitamin B12 Injectables

  1. Vitamin B12 Injectables

    Vitamin B12 Injectable vs oral

    what are your thoughs

  2. Ya know, there is a BOATLOAD of information on Methyl B12 injectable on this site. Why don't ya search for it.

  3. basically its not worth it. Unless you are very very in depth into stuff that may require sufficent and surplus B12 its a waste. My Dr. was willing to scribe it to me but wanted to check the levels 1st, said i have elevated levels and decided to wait. I get to come in after a month or so for free blood work and he said he will see then.

    Oral is a HUGE was of money, bio-avail rate is like 10% or some ridiculously low number.

    Why do you want it?

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