Poll: What is you average daily protein intake?

What is your average daily protein intake?

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  1. What is your average daily protein intake?

    How much? Discuss!

  2. Anybody? I thought there would be some good discussion on this one!

  3. 1g per pound of LBM is great for maintaining where you are.

    in my opinion, 1g per pound + 15g is great for adding size - eat for where you want to be, not where you are.

    1.5-2g is right only for when cycling (more / less depending on how strong your cycle is), since you're growing at an unnatural speed.

    not that i've really cycled much (once in fact) but thats what i believe. cylcers - what works best for you?

  4. sh1t man...when I'm on it's 3g/lb+...when I'm cutting or just cruising it's 1g/lb...

  5. I'm not really sure what works best for me yet....

    I try to go no lower than 1g per pound, but like to get around 1.5 hard training days! Being over 200 pounds just makes it so damn hard to do that though.

  6. i try and EAT 1.25g per pound so including my shakes i'm hitting about 2.25. basically i try and keep it around 350-400 as i match it carbs with at least 1g carbs to 1g protein.

    i vote 2 cause no ones perfect...

  7. I want at least 1 g to 2g but I can't get enough... Just under 1g per lb..

  8. I chose 2g/lb because there wasn't a 1.5g option.

  9. I shoot right for 2g/lb. That's the sweet spot for me that I've found going beyond that doesn't correlate to better gains.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Nacho1545 View Post
    I want at least 1 g to 2g but I can't get enough... Just under 1g per lb..
    Somedays its tough to hit that 1-2g mark, especially if your busy!

    Thats the beauty of protien powder... and protien bars

  11. Voted 2 but its really about 1.5- 2 is tough to get unless i put 2 or 3 scoops in every shake, but then my tubs get empty pretty quick...

  12. I'm at 1g per pound of body weight. Thats almost 300g per day. It seems to be working very well, however, protein consumption was never my problem. I was taking way too many carbs. Once I halved them, I'm finally leaning out fast.

  13. 1.5g i aim for, maybe a little over. 2/3g on cheat days
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  14. About 1.5 grams/lb on average

  15. 100-400grams/day.

  16. Honestly, I often end up getting less than 1 gram per day. It's probably my biggest weakness in my training.

    I would say I average about .8/lb a day.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by BrMe86 View Post
    I chose 2g/lb because there wasn't a 1.5g option.

  18. 1g per, maybe a little more. When I go any higher my terds turn black so I don't think I'm digesting it. Come bulk, in a few weeks, I'll be at about 1.5.

  19. Im gonna say 1.5 is my overall goal...but right now AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

    it also depends when I volunteer as a cum dumpster. ew. i kid. i kid.

  20. i voted 2, but really I just shoot for at least 1.5 (which really should be on your poll btw) and on most days its about 1.5

  21. 120g-200g is all i need, i weigh 169, 5'7.

  22. 240-300g for me, screwed up today tho, only 226g :/


  23. does anyone have any solid evidence that even 1g/lb is needed naturally?

    ive never seen anything that said any more was necessary, anything scientific, that is.

    i still get >1 g/lb, but i think that amount is even more than most need

  24. all you need is 1.8gr per kg max of bodyweight flooding your body with protein, your body wouldnt know what to do and it would be stored as fat

  25. I have yet to be convinced you need anything over 1g per lb.... except maybe when on cycle, but even then your prob losing half of it in the toilet and just converting the rest to fat and energy

    if your eating adequate carbs, then your body can better utilize the protein it digests, and you don't need as much

    30-40g per meal spread over 6 meals and i'm good to go


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