Creatinine levels in the body

  1. Creatinine levels in the body

    Recently I gave some blood for some life insurance and also for a doctors physical. I just got the life insurance results back and I was surprised at how indepth it is. It looks just as detailed as a doctors list.

    Anyway, I noticed in it that protein and creatinine levels are tests both in the blood and urine. Has anyone ever has their tested and seen their results? Mine were in range and I take Kre Alkalyn at the moment. I wondered about those who take Creatine Mono how the creatinine levels look in your blood and urine.

  2. I checked it once at the begining looked like the body is making extra use of creatine but later there were higher values of creatine removed from body after I stopped taking it my natural creatine was low, my liver was not producing it anymore and it took some time before it stared again

    so I notice and from what I heard it is good to take some for a short time only

  3. Once I checked it 60 minutes after taking Green Mag (Creatine product PWO), and my levels were 1.5x above the highest normal value, set off a few flags. Got retested the next day, and was mid-range.

  4. When I had these tests done I really hadn't taken much creatine for a little while. I went on vacation for a week and it was the following Thursday for the doc appt and then that Saturday for the life insurance thing.

    I wonder what it would look like with more creatine in my system. I take Kre Alkalyn and according to that I should have no creatinine from that, it would be from regular stuff in the body. All in all I feel good about it all especially since I am 39 years old.......hmm that SUX

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