Personalized Nutrition Through DNA Assessment

  1. Personalized Nutrition Through DNA Assessment

    This is interesting stuff here. Instead of guessing what you need, you can actually zone in on any weakness that your DNA test reveals.

    The cookie cutter approach to multi-vitamins seems to be ending.

    Check this pda to see a sample assessment.

    Also, check to get more information

    What do you think?
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  2. Check out the ingredient list too...depending on your genotype, these are some of the supps someone would be given...
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  3. if your going to do something like this, you'd be far better off c googleing "dr. tefft" (personalized nutrition) and doing a hair tissue mineral analysis. will give you far better food suggestions as well as customized supplementation!

  4. There is definitely value to that. The hair analysis gives you a good take on whether you have deficiencies, correct?

    Why not both though? I for one, want to know what my own genes are telling me. If the scientists that believe in the assessment think their are specific nutrients that would help out my genotype, I'm all for it.

    I just sent in my DNA yesterday..

  5. Interesting, keep us posted.



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