CKD Outline

  1. CKD Outline

    First I want to say I looking at this as a pure fatloss standpoint, with lots of light areobics and 1 carb depletion workout per week.

    I just started a CKD diet, and it will be second run the last one being a year ago. Here is what I plan.
    First the basics:
    1. carb depletion workouts; followed by 24-48hr carb loading(by body weight)
    2. (days not on carb loading):60-70% fat and 30-40% protein; getting in 35-50g fiber

    These are just the basics as I understand them

    So basically you want to run a cyclical cycle of slowly decreasing caloric intake from the day after the carb load ends up to the day before it starts. Lets base this on a 2000 calorie diet,running 70% fat/30%protein,and 48hr carb load, just for numbers sake.

    1st day after carb load: 156g fat--150g protein 35-50g fiber
    2nd day: 140g fat--135g protein and 35-50g fiber
    3rd day: 126g fat--121g protein and 35-50g fiber
    4th day: 113g fat--108g protein and 35-50g fiber
    5th day: 102g fat--98g protein and 35-50g fiber
    6th-7th day: carb load

    So basically from day 1-5 your going from a 2000 calories on day 1 down to 1310 calories by day 5, right before your carb load. Should this be done like I outlined above or done so by a week by week decrease;

    week 1: 2000cals
    week 2. 1800cals
    week 3: 1600cals
    week 4: obvious till your body reaches its limits and fatloss can be maximal.

    All what im trying to accomplish here is get the body to burn the fat I intake, but also burn stored fat at the highest rate possible.


  2. 1310 calories? Are you mental?

  3. I would argue the day by day decreasing method would work better than the week decreasing method. To me it would seem the body wouldnt get as accustomed to working with lower calorie days if they were decreasingly cycled daily, rather than weekly. Also, again my main goal is to get the body burning already stored fat at a faster rate.

  4. Did you do the same thing with your first run on CKD? If so how where the results for you?

    I try to stick to a closer to 2000kcal diet anywhere below that I feel my metabolism drops down.

  5. didnt do that my first run, and got ok results. wanted to see if this method would work better....

  6. decided to do the day by day caloric decrease, restarting again every week.

  7. Would be great if you let us know how that worked out! I believe it may cause my metabolism to drop to low if I did that as it seems to change very fast but if that gets you great results then more power to you!

    Good luck!

  8. ill keep you posted. im not so much concerned with weight loss, but with body recomp.

  9. Cool, yeah I hear ya. Of course I like this diet in that you don't lose as much weight but still lose fat! Keeping my muscle mass and getting rid of fat is a huge + haha!


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