Manual labor?

  1. Manual labor?

    I recently took on the task of renovating a house on the weekends, and I work on it saturday and sunday. Right now were in the demolition stage and its hard work, swinging sledge hammers and crowbars all day. I was wondering if anyone knew how many calories are burned during manual labour, and what should my diet look like on these days, as In how many calories and carbs should I take in on these days. I train monday to friday, and have saturday and sunday as off days from the gym, but I want to make sure Im eating enough calories to help my energy while working but also help my recovery for next weeks workouts.

  2. Heavy manual labour 250-350 calories per hour. From:

  3. just eat like you would when you lift and take a pre work out drink before you swing the hammer lol

  4. I'd have to agree with the 250-300 cal per hour statement having been a remodeler myself for about a year. It's good cal burning except when you start to beat up your knees and back doing flooring etc.

  5. Thanks for the replies, I've been keeping my diet the same on these days, but going forward Im going to add in an extra carb serving to help with energy and to help aid my recovery.



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