Knee pains, instantly

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    Knee pains, instantly

    Weird to me is the fact that if I bend down right now I sound like an old man as I stand up. My knees were fine before my trip to Mexico. I know in Mexico I had bowl issues because it was so dry(I drank a lot of water, trust me) But during the trip, and after now my knees are painful. Could this be related to the trip? I never thought it would have.

    Anyways I am going to get some cissus, and some more fish oil.

    Intersting fact though. I was using Osteobolin-C and when I first started it my knees became swollen. Pretty bad. My knees were ok before, but then on this they went weird. After about 3 days they returned to normal but felt this common? Was there some repairs being done during that time?

    I am going to purchase Super cissus RX and liquid fishoil

    Just wanted to know if a change in my location/climate would actually effect my knees like that....from good to bad in a week?

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    It's a valid possibility IMO. Although a bit of a stretch to call related - my mother fell and broke her ankle some years ago, and a metal rod was needed for repair. On humid days, or even when it rains, she tells me that the metal creates aches in her leg.

    Another viable possibility could have been what you did down there... site-seeing and tourism can mean a lot of walking. I wouldn't sweat it too much though, wait it out a few days and see how you feel.

    As to the Osteobolin-C supposedly causing your knees to swell... I have never heard of that instance, for Osteobolin-C or for cissus products in general. In short, cissus is used to ironically counteract swelling, being that of an inti-inflammatory. Although users have reported "repair-like" effects from cissus, I don't believe that there is any scientific proof that cissus alone rebuilds tendons and ligaments. Rather a natural anti-inflammatory and a safe pain reducer.... with that said, I've been using Osteobolin-C on and off for the past year with outstanding results. Top notch product.

    A bit random - foam roll the surrounding musculature, and follow it up with slow but long stretches. Tight or strained muscles are often the culprit of joint pains.

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