Need serious diet help!

  1. Need serious diet help!

    By diet I mean I need help setting up a diet that will help me with my workout goals.

    I am 5'8" amd weigh about 182 pounds. I am currently looking to lose some weight as I have unwanted fat. I am not looking to bul up but would like to have some decent definition in my muscles. I am currently doing 30 to 35 minutes cadio on an elliptical using a HIIT type routine. I then lift weights and right now doing lighter weights with more reps. I am trying a split routine like follows:

    Monday - Chest, lats, and triceps
    Tuesday - legs and abs
    Wednesday - Biceps, shoulders, and rest of back
    Thursday - legs and abs
    Friday - Mixture of monday and tuesday

    Sorry for not really giving much detail about my current diet because it is CRAP.

    I take my joint support and multi in the morning with omega 3 pills. I aso have a Activia light yogurt.

    Lunch I have some cottage cheese, brocolli, maybe some crackers and other carb contaning item, and some other fruit and/or vegetables.

    Dinner I have vegatables, cottage cheese and some other carbs.

    BEfore you say it I KNOW IT"S VERY POOR. Actually this is just this week for a fast. I am going to get it in shape ffrom now on. For this I ask for help filling in the missing gaps.

  2. Dude, come on... you have a yogurt for breakfast, and cottage cheese for lunch, and dinner. I don't believe for one second that this is what you eat regularly.

    Check out the stickies, and just literally plug and play. Eggs, lean meats, fish (tuna is always common). You have to find out what you cooperate with, in terms of both meal planning and diet choices... and even choosing a particular template to follow. There is no ideal diet that we can just give you.

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