Mom picked up Healthy Choice!!

  1. Mom picked up Healthy Choice!!

    Alright, i need a lil help.. im trying to read in the ingredients and stats on the fat, calorie, protein ect. for the healthy choices. I was out of commision over the wekend. so i called my moms to pick me up some stuff from the market for a meal replacements throughout the day for weight loss. well i told her to get me veggies, and deli section for them to cut boars head meat into 4 oz sections. for meat and veggies and some peanut butter with my priotein round 10 o clock and 3 ocl;cok occasions.. but now she came into work today with Healthy choice chicken and veggies. can i eat this as my 10 o clcoker and 3 o clcoker or r they bad for ya? i just go so skeptical on pre frozen food.. only frozen stuff i get is steamfresh veggies. rest of this i get fresh. any help would be grately appreciated. before i eat

  2. Not optimal but it will work. But some food is better than none. At least it will control the amount of kcals you eat.

  3. what i'll do is eat it round 10 o clock just one and then for lunch go out and get chicken breast and for 3 o clocker i will eat 2 table sppon of peanut butter and 1 scoop of protein. just save it for only one time a day.. u right least i get lil veggies and meat in it.. but frozen food i just i dunno.. maybe its me..=)

    i should eat this instead izza:

  4. just think there is always something worse. But you can do better.

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