FIBRE! Soluble versus Insoluble (IBS related)

  1. FIBRE! Soluble versus Insoluble (IBS related)


    I'm wondering whether anyone here can give me any extra information on fibre in terms of whats good and high in soluble fibre and whats high in insoluble fibre.

    I'm thinking of starting to lift again after a while but I need to manage my IBS and I've been reading that insoluble fibre = bad, soluble fibre = good. No point in me lifting if i just crap it all out as i wont grow... so this is kinda important to me.

    I know bodybuilding forums like this are littered with people who know what they're talking about as you're all health nuts so if anyone here can give me any good information, articles etc or even if you've suffered and/or are still suffering from the effects of IBS then it would be good.

    All information is appreciated,


  2. I have diverticulosis and had several episodes of intestinal cramping and bleeding. I have used this protocol for about 2 years with NO bleeding and pain!
    Here is my protocol...
    Of course diet is key! I limit my red meat to about 3X/week, eat plenty of veggies, take Fish Oil, and supplement fiber from "Colon Care Formula" by Yerba Prima 2X/day:****54

    Supplement at least 20g/day of Glutamine from Protein shakes and supplement powder. Glutamine is essential for rebuilding the mucus lining of the intestines.

    Supplement with Probiotic formula...Bifidobacteria and Acidophilus.
    Here's the one I use:****87

    Drink PLENTY of water and limit caffeine intake. This is the first thing that "flares" me up.
    Decreased water + increased coffee = Intestinal Flare Up.

    Hope it helps!

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