Egg whites Int

  1. Egg whites Int

    any one order from them?

  2. I thought about it because the pump thing would be badass but then I did the math and figured out I could get egg substitute products cheaper at the grocery store than I could from them...I just have to actually measure them out...

    Also, my workout partner ordered some a few years back and said they were find in shakes but didn't cook up well...I don't know if they changed their recipe since then or anything...just FYI.

  3. They cook up alright by themselves, but you have to stir them (scramble them) constantly. They dont cook so well by themselves in an omlet-style cooking or if you let them sit without stirring them. They also usually make fine scrambled eggs if you mix them with 1-2 whole eggs/omega-3 eggs.

  4. i used them and they were ok. nothing so special.

  5. i love em, great to drink

  6. yea i didnt taste anything. its like thick water

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    yea i didnt taste anything. its like thick water
    mixwith OJ

  8. well i rather taste nothin then somthing ya noe

  9. i was going to order but shipping is a problem for me.

  10. o that sux.


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