So i just started Fire Fighter training....

  1. So i just started Fire Fighter training....

    And was wondering what were some good foods/snacks to eat that will help me stay energized and hydrated and not leave me puking lol. We have been training all day in full turnout gear and the 90+ degree georgia humid heat and i sweat buckets. Also i still have 5 1/2 of training to go so it will only get worse lol. Thx
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  2. Fruit will give you both hydration and energy so I would suggest eating a few servings of fruit per day along with whatever else you choose.

  3. Where are you going to be a f/f? I've beena firefighter/medic on the southside of Atlanta for 11 years. Good luck in your training man.

  4. cobb county. I eat lots of bananas. and i think kiwi has more potassium so i might start eating them more but i was looking for more specifics like bars or concoctions that people have found that help them through intense exercises that sit well on the stomach

  5. When you eat, don't hesistate to throw on that extra salt. Sounds primitive almost, but it's effective for retaining fluid for those lengthy days.

  6. Almonds, and any kind of nuts really, beef jerky, fruit (including dry fruit). You can even bring a small cooler/lunch box and make a protein shake from home, throw it in there along with any fruits. Also throw in lots of water and maybe a gatorade or two.

  7. almonds, nuts, fruits, protein shakes. Oh and TONS of water.

  8. i drink lots of gatorade and i just ran out of protein powder so im going to have to buy more. I drink about 2 gallons of fluids a day on days that we spend the whole day in the fire tower in full turnout gear. Ill probably make some form of trail mix. I dont think i can do jerky. Too expensive and im not sure how my stomach would handle it. I would love to buy some posiedon but i dont think i can budget it in right now. Took quite a pay cut to follow a dream


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