rapid heart beat?

  1. rapid heart beat?

    Ive been having a random rapid heart beat episode the last couple weeks. Its mainly at night when i get home from work and wind down. Im fine at the gym and at work but by 10pm or so i get them randomly, like im out of breath sometimes. Any idea what its from? I work 2 jobs and I tend to worry about things too much so im thinking maybe its stress related?

  2. Sounds like the anxiety attacks that I get off and on. Are you taking any supplements that might be causing it?

  3. Your heart health is not something to **** around with. Go see a cardiologist if it continues.

  4. no not taking anything at the moment, i used to get anxiety attacks when i was taking m-drol but its been about 7-8 weeks since ive been off that and like i said it only seems to happen at night when im home from work which is wierd...i think im gonna get a check up just to be safe

  5. yea man i'd def get checked out if i were you.

    when i get anxiety attacks my heard beats out of control and i get light headed but i usually go to a quiet place and focus on my breathing and such to calm down...it is odd that this happens at the end of the day when you're relaxing

  6. take suma with neuro p.s. It is definitely anxiety, which means mdrol icreased cortisol seretion to your brain. Also theanine during the day with rhioadola rosea and omega 3-6-9. At night chamomile and magnesium

  7. thats only happend to me while ive been on excessive stimulants. when i stopped taking them, it stopped. idk what else to tell you besides see a doctor.

  8. I had a similar problem after huge workouts, I ended up seing a doctor which i believe you should do as well ans after many tests in turned out that, Firstly i was dehydrated which thickens the blood making the heart have to work harder to pump blood around, secondly i would usually eat a huge meat loaded meal this caused blood to be used in the digestive process. And thirdly the enormous amount of cardio that i was doing was expanding my lungs to the point that my lungs started to put pressure on my heart.

    A drop of blood pressure caused by the digestion and the dehydration was what was making my heart speed up so that blood would flow through my system. So stay hydrated eat a smaller meal after working out and see a doctor.

  9. eating will also help with sugar levels


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