CARB QUESTION!! don't make no sense to me

  1. CARB QUESTION!! don't make no sense to me

    sup guys i was just shopping at NP and was wondering what's the deal with the "kwick karb" waxy maize starch and other bulk carbs for that matter.

    they claim that it is a "complex carb" but that it is quickly digested and passes through the stomach much faster than dextrose malto. etc.

    isn't that a conflict of interests? complex carbs are slowly digested over time correct which is why you eat them throughout the day except for after workouts.

    can anybody tell me which is correct. is it slow or fast acting. and is it complex or simple carb?

    i feel like a moron asking this but oh well

  2. It's complex. As far as I know, there isn't any solid information on where WMS stands on the glycemic index.

  3. It is definetly a fast acting carb as well..very good post workout for recovery.

  4. ok then. so it being complex would disprove the notion that it passes through the stomach really really fast then right??

    and it would also take it out of the post workout meal class correct?

  5. wait, how can a complex carb be fast acting though. i thought simple carbs such as sugar were the fast acting ones.

  6. It is complex. Its not the GI rating that makes WMS digest quickly its the molecular weight. It has a much higher molecular weight so it passes through the gut way faster.

  7. ...oh ok. so would it be better to take it as post w/o or pre

  8. I take it during and post workout. Some people take it preworkout as well, you will get awesome pumps taking it pre workout.

  9. Carb 'complexity' has no bearing on how fast it is metabolised. Forget about sugars and complex carbs. There are just carbohydrates and their relative place on the GI.

    If you are eating regularly throughout the day, there is no need to resort to refined carbs pre or post weight training.

  10. There are also tons of threads about waxy maize. Very helpful. I like to use it after workouts. It settles easily on the stomach.

  11. What I have understand after some statements from Vitargo-reps on swedish forums then WMS is a very slow carb. If you have happen to get hold of a WMS-product that is very fast then it should (or might?) be trespassing on Vitargos patent.

    The rep has told that if the powder dissolves well in cold water without ending up at the bottom of the bottle or whatever you use then the uptake to the bloodstream will be rather fast but if it doesnt then what i have understand it is a bs-product. I might have missunderstood things though but as far as i know ít does make sence since Vitargo is a modified WMS to work well in the body.


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