Need more information on nutritional supplements.

  1. Need more information on nutritional supplements.

    Hi everyone, I have been considering of taking nutritional supplements that could help me in reducing my cholesterol levels. The fact is that I need to maintain my health and for that I need to take care of certain issues. I have heard about blue green algae being a good supplement for controlling the cholesterol level! I need your suggestions on this and also - Do you consider for this being a good supplement???

  2. I would try red yeast rice and fish oil. Red yeast rice has been studied pretty extensively and has been proven to reduce cholesterol by a significant amount. Fish oil is a great anti inflammatory and will help to regulate cholesterol.

  3. Need more information on nutritional supplements.

    I think that the way you are referring to that as a supplement………it can be also quoted as “organic food”. There is increasing consciousness about the intake of organic foods and I think that it is a good way to keep ourselves healthy. I have my cousin using blue green algae products that are really helping him in his various treatments. I think that they are a good nutritional supplement as they contain small amounts of protein, vitamins (including C, E, and folate), beta carotene, and some minerals. I think that this will be a good choice for you.

  4. I'm sure the algae would help, I couldn't see any harm since it is a wonderful health food. Don't forget about oatmeal, and other foods packed with fiber. Have you considered making diet changes? I know you're looking for a supplement but why waste the money when oats and fruits are way cheaper. Eating foods high in fiber is a known way to reduce cholesterol, as well as many other healthful benefits since most foods containing fiber are naturally nutritious. Why not try both the algae and oatmeal, or if you don't like oats eat have an apple.
  5. Re: Need more information on nutritional supplements

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  6. ^ Troll?

    He's asking for supps that help cholesterol... not NO porducts jackass


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