AM50 for 50% off ends March 1st : (

  1. AM50 for 50% off ends March 1st : (

    Unfortunately we will only be able to offer the 50% off code through February 29th. Starting March 1st the discount code will be AM30 for 30% off. All orders will still be eligible for Free Shipping regardless of order size.

    If we hope to still have a business in 2013 we have to make this change The support thus far has been great from the Anabolic Minds family.

    The fact that we have had an opportunity to showcase our wares with the likes of a PES, Primordial Performance, Serious Nutrition Solutions and Applied Nutraceuticals- just to name a few of the great companies on here- has been a blessing!

    And we hope that 2012 can be a year that athletes can exceed expectations and break new PR's as a results of Cabergolean and ERGO-BLITZ.


    BigGunn~"Just happy to be invited to the party!"
    Nutrigenomics Research Company []

  2. times running out for the bigger deal

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