Where to buy our stuff....

  1. Where to buy our stuff....

    Online at Mind and Muscle Store | Prohormones, Supplements and more!

    In-store at Health Kick in Morton Grove Illinois and ask for Orlando. Cool dude! They rep our products exclusively at the retail level. I don't know if that is good for them? But certainly good for us : ) Selling via retail sucks- so they will remain our lone retailer at that.

    And of course at Nutrigenomics Research Company — Welcome

    We would like to offer our products on Nutraplanet.com but we are not holding our breath...well we were, but after losing consciousness we decided that we would NOT hold our breath any longer.
    BigGunn~"Just happy to be invited to the party!"
    Nutrigenomics Research Company [www.Cabergolean.com]

  2. maybe il stop by that store one day

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