Where to buy our stuff....

  1. Where to buy our stuff....

    Online at Mind and Muscle Store | Prohormones, Supplements and more!

    In-store at Health Kick in Morton Grove Illinois and ask for Orlando. Cool dude! They rep our products exclusively at the retail level. I don't know if that is good for them? But certainly good for us : ) Selling via retail sucks- so they will remain our lone retailer at that.

    And of course at Nutrigenomics Research Company — Welcome

    We would like to offer our products on **************** but we are not holding our breath...well we were, but after losing consciousness we decided that we would NOT hold our breath any longer.
    BigGunn~"Just happy to be invited to the party!"
    Nutrigenomics Research Company [www.Cabergolean.com]

  2. maybe il stop by that store one day

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