Cabergolean price rise?

  1. Cabergolean price rise?

    I had been thinking about trying your product since early December but I'm 99% sure the 4 pack price was 120 ( 60 with the half price) with free shipping. It's now 150 and after the discount it is not eligible for free shipping. I must say this is a little disappointing as it makes this product far less attractive from a value standPoint compared to products that have far more established results.

    I understand it may have been too good of a bargain previously but this is a pretty substantial cost increase. Just a little feedback for a prospective customer.

  2. Your feedback is appreciated, and I understand where you are coming from. I can offer the code FB55 this month to save 55% off of your order.

    All orders over $100 always ship for free.

    Thanks Gamb. I hope that helps....
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