ANOTHER Thank you NP Thread!

  1. ANOTHER Thank you NP Thread!

    I've been so thoroughly impressed with you guys that I've now gotten 4 other people from work buying from NP instead of our local Popeyes. We put our orders together to save on shipping. I just put in for an order last night at 1:40am and it's already been shipped today! And in the last couple months with the people I've brought on board we've dropped like $1200 bucks and their feedback keeps em coming, there is a 5th looking to join in on the next order.

    I tallied up retail prices on the order I put in last night and even with shipping and US/CAN conversion rate, we saved $260.

    Awesome prices aside, the customer service, speed of processing and responses to inquiries is just amazing. Any of you that buy supplements, you will not be disappointed with NP.

  2. thanks for the loyal support Boyders!
    and thank you for introducing NP to your work friends.
    it's customers like you that make NP so great!!! thanks.

  3. Thank you for the kind words and your support ! We appreciate it more thank you know !

  4. Very nice, and with data. I like data.

  5. I also give much praise..Ordered last thursday..Processed and shipped in 3 hours
    Arrived today..Thursday.7 days later..(Australia)


    No samples but very happy indeed..

    I put everyone on to Nutraplanet also..Amazing how many do not shop this way.

  6. Thank you for the kind words, NP has the best customer service I have ever seen in this industry, even before I became a sponsored athlete....Nothing but quality and honesty, plus a rare thing in this industry, CUSTOMER APPRECIATION


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