Carry it anytime?

  1. Carry it anytime?

    so i'm just wondering if Nutra will ever decide to carry joint support creams (ie: cryogel, etc)...

    i'm currently taking cissus too but i'm still wondering if there's creams or muscle pain support.


  2. I am unsure if they will branch out into other companies products of joint creams/liquids, however LG Sciences (who is already apart of NP) has a beta muscle/joint repair product. If it catches on I assure you it will eventually find its way to the Planet.

  3. One that we currently carry is . I know people that have personally had good results from oral celadrin, so I expect decent results from this topical solution.

  4. thank you for the replies and i appreciate the link!

    gonna order it now too!!! much thanks again!

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