does nutraplanet

  1. does nutraplanet

    take amex gift cards?

  2. i work retail and i'd say yes since they are just ran as a just can't max it out cause nutra won't split a transaction i gather

  3. yea. i wanna buy something thats 39.99 and i have a 50 dollar gift card. it should cover shipping and the product. think ill be good to go?

  4. i'd say so

  5. i dont see why not... send them an email...
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  6. i did. its been like 2 days since ive sent it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TNASTYII;
    i did. its been like 2 days since ive sent it
    With the weekend in-between, you should get a response in the next day or two.

  8. ok. cool :]

  9. The easiest way to check is to put your order in, and then try paying for it with the AMEX gift card. I'm not familiar with them, but if it works like a regular cc, I don't see a problem.

  10. i recieved an email back. they do take them for anyone who wants to know for future reference :]


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