Cissus bulk powder 500 grams

  1. Cissus bulk powder 500 grams

    Is this Bulk powder the 5% extract?

    I like the 5% very much as it seems to work better for me than the 10% or higher. I would love to get some bulk 5% from Nutra if this is it.

  2. Yes, we do carry 500g of the 5% extract Cissus Powder (500 grams) By: NutraPlanet
    I was 99% certain our NP bulk was 5%, but I finally find the post by Darren to confirm Supposed to be Bulk cissus but is it .
    Glad we have what you need and thanks for choosing NutraPlanet!

  3. NICE! I can save a ton of money with this. I suspected it was the 5%, but wasn't quite sure and wanted to ask before plopping down my hard earned cash.

    Into the cart it goes!

  4. I'll see if I can get the page updated to state that it is a 5% extract. Thanks for helping us to improve!

  5. has anyone tried this and can compare and contrast with super cissus? or prima force cissus?



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