Do you want Regular Strength Cissus Caps

  1. Do you want Regular Strength Cissus Caps

    If NP could do a regular Cissus product at something like 750mg per cap and 90 caps per bottle, would you buy it?

  2. Yes umm.. do I count?

  3. Lol. Just remember to write off the cissus as a work related injury from all the typing

  4. I'd buy a capped concentrated, standardized extract, but perhaps not a 'regular' strength.

  5. 10% would be awesome

  6. Is it usplabs, stuff? If so, hell yes. I've had bad luck with non-usplabs cissus/bulk cissus.

  7. I probably would at like 10% or somthing. It seemd to help out last year during baseball 07'. It took a while but once it did kick in I was golden at just 2-3caps/day.
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